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This site has comics that relate to math. I think they are humerous and I hope you do too! I'll try to change the comics monthly. If you find a humerous math comic you'd like to share, please either email me the graphic or hand it in during class. I will post your comic, if you'd like!!
"Do not worry about your difficulties in math. I can assure you mine are still greater." - Albert Einstein

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I have currently removed the comics displayed here while I learn more about the copyright laws. I am contacting the artists and requesting permission to use their math-related comics on this websiste. I will let you know their responses.

A note about copyright issues:
I do not own the copyrights to any of the images above. These images are being used for a non-profit educational use, in particular for the purpose of promoting mathematics education through humor. I believe that the relative amount of each illustrators' work and the effect on the potential market is negligable. If, in spite of the Fair Use provision in the Copyright Act, you are the owner of the copyright to any of the images above and you wish them removed, contact me by email at nelson@ and I will remove them immediately.

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