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Mrs. Jani Nelson
Lindero Canyon Middle School
Room K 101
Math 6 Accelerated
2019- 2020

Math 6 Accelerated uses the following textbook: CALIFORNIA BIG IDEAS ADVANCED COURSE 1; Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt

CA Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

* Ratio & Proportional Reasoning * The Number System * Expressions & Equations * Geometry * Statistics & Probability

* 4 single subject notebook (ONE for each quarter)------* 3-5 sharpened pencils daily----- * green pen -----* loose-leaf paper ------ * highlighter -----* ruler -----**EXPO thin marker----* calculator------- * glue sticks------*stickies---- *protractor & compass (available in class later)

HOMEWORK: Homework is designed to provide each student with appropriate independent practice. The extent to which each student utilizes the opportunity to practice challenging skills will be reflected in the student’s assessment scores. Homework will be assigned and graded as well as considered as part of the Work Habits grade. Students are responsible for completing all homework accurately. Checking odd problems in the back of the textbook and online-- if posted. Posting questions on Google Classroom, if additional help is necessary, is part of the homework requirement and assures accurate practice.

QUEST/TEST PERFECTIONS: Each student is required to complete a “Test Perfection” assignment after every quest, or test. Quest, and Test Perfections are a separate 5% of the grade. I believe this assignment is crucial to the student’s mastery of the concepts reflected on each quiz, quest, or test. I am available before and after school to help your student get these corrections completed properly. All Quest and Test Perfections need to be signed by a parent or guardian. Students have one to two weeks from the date that the assessment has been given back to hand in the signed corrections.

Your child’s grade is available online by clicking a link on my website’s homepage to Aeries, our LVUSD grading program. If you are new to our school, you should be receiving information from LVUSD on how to set up an account. However, if you are still unclear on how to set up an account, please contact Mrs J. Mohr in our counseling office at She will be glad to assist you in establishing an account to view all your child's grades. Your student will visit my site as part of a homework assignment in the next few days. You will also receive that information at Back to School Night. Students' grades are updated frequently, usually every week.

Academic grade: The course academic grade will be based on demonstrated achievement on a variety of assessments including daily assignments, tests, quizzes, student notebook, and projects.

Work Habits: The Work Habits grade will be based on completing homework and class work, and coming to class with all of the appropriate learning materials.

Citizenship: Each student is expected to participate in class and contribute to a positive learning environment.

The grade percentages are as follows:
Assessments (Tests/Quizzes) 40%
Project Based Learning (Projects & Unit Performance Tasks) 20%
Mastery of Skills Check (MOS) 20%
Courseworkn(Homework/Classwork/Spiral Notebooks) 15 %
Test/Quest Perfections 5 %

Students will be allowed a maximum of 2% of extra credit per semester. Extra credit will be earned by answering Common Core-based questions available on my website. The Common Core-based questions will focus on concepts either from the current or previous lessons. Each time a student answers 50 questions correctly, he/she will receive one extra credit percentage point up to the maximum allowed. The goal is to offer an extra credit assignment that will help them keep up with the class on a regular basis, and also get them comfortable with the SBAC format. Please see my website for details on the different ways to earn extra credit. Too often, extra credit assignments are unrelated to the actual course objectives and are done in a panic at the end of the grading period.

I will be available most mornings, except Tuesdays, to help students with questions. I will be available at lunch at least two days per week to help students with any math problems. I am available after school until 3:30PM by appointment, only.

* Student and parent: Check HW completion, accuracy, and understanding nightly. See Reminder Binder or web page for assignment.
* Ask your child to explain 1 problem and solution each day.
* Share your use of math in your job & daily life as it occurs.
* Model a positive and ‘can do’ attitude toward math.
* Help your child read & utilize text explanations and models at home.
* Utilize online resoursces provided by Big Ideas for clear explanations and solution models.
* Contact me whenever you have questions or concerns.

· Be in class, on time, ready to learn.
· Follow directions the first time they are given.
· Be responsible for yourself.
· Bring supplies: 3 sharpened PENCILS, green pen for correcting, Spiral Notebook, paper, eraser
· Ask questions as they arise.
· If your question cannot be answered during class time, please see me to arrange a time for extra help.
· Cheating is unacceptable and will result in a grade of zero for the assignment. This includes, but is not limited to, copying someone else's homework, unauthorized use of the calculator or copying someone else's test.

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