Homework Help...from e-Solutions (McGraw Hill)



The only way the Mc Graw Hill worked out solutions are available for students is by uploading them as a PDF. If you're familar with HotMath.com, that site provided HINTS and then you successively clicked a down arrow to get more HINTS until the problem was fully solved.

These PDF's give you the ENTIRE worked out solutions all AT ONCE... not ideal for learning purposes.

Try working every HW problem without looking at the PDF and only use it when you get stuck. Then try covering up the entire solution with a blank piece of paper and move the paper little by little so you're trying to actively see if you can do the next step without looking. At the moment, you will find the e-solutions on your regular homework page of my website. Please look under today's assignment to find them. I may set up a link to eaach chapter's e-solutions, but that hasn't been completed. So keep checking each night's homework for the posted e-solutions.



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