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Welcome to WONDERFUL EXTRA CREDIT. There are several ways to earn extra credit for Math 6H.

I. Multiple Choice Questions
Click on the link below to go to my adjunct website. There, click on Math 6H Extra Credit Answer the 5 multiple choice questions, submitting them with your email address and your ID#. Each week I will tally up the results and post how many points you have earned toward your extra credit. These questions will change weekly, usually on Sunday night.

Mrs. Nelson Adjunct Website


II. Math 6H Extra Credit Packet
Math 6H EXTRA CREDIT PACKET - earn 2% extra credit. Available two times a year-- right before the end of the 1st semester and just prior to the STAR Testing. When available you will be able to Download here.
You must show work on separate work pages, bubble answers on scantron ( which I will hand out in class), get at least 85% correct, and hand in by the due date for 2% extra credit.
( no exceptions)
Math 6H Extra Credit Packet