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Welcome to WONDERFUL EXTRA CREDIT. Throughout the school year you can earn extra credit and help your math ability soar.

I. Multiple Choice Questions
Click on the link below to go to my adjunct website. There, click on PreAlgebra Xtra Credit
(I had to delete the "E" in Extra to fit- but you know it really is Pre Algebra Extra Credit). Answer the 5 multiple choice questions, submitting them with your email address and your ID#. Each week I will tally up the results and post how many points you have earned toward your extra credit. These questions will change weekly, usually on Sunday night.
We haven't been able to use these this semester... see II. below for your opportunity to earn 2% extra Credit

Mrs. Nelson Adjunct Website


II. Pre Algebra Extra Credit Packet
PRE ALGEBRA EXTRA CREDIT PACKET - earn 2% extra credit. Available only one time during the school year-- right before the STAR TESTING-- I wonder why?
Pre Algebra Extra Credit STAR

Pre Algebra Extra Credit QUIZZES are found on DATAWISE

Datawise LOGIN

Login: First Name Last Name (space in between)
Password: xxxxxx( birthday- 6 digits)
Example Joe Cool was born January 5, 1997
Login: joe cool
Password: 010597

There will be 10 ten question quizzes... YOU MUST TAKE ALL OF THEM and RECEIVE 70% IN TOTAL to get the 2% EXTRA CREDIT DIRECTLY TO YOUR GRADE!!

You must finish by Saturday Night at MIDNIGHT April 30

Login here to DATAWISE to take the EXTRA CREDIT STAR


These instructions also explain what to do if you get "timed out" or submit before you are finished... but the problem with that is , I need to reset your test.... so please make sure that this doesn't happen. However, if it does, please email me.

Instructions provided by DATAWISE on how to take the test and view your results.


For those who would want to watch a video, these are the same instructions as the written ones above.

VIDEO on how to take the test


III. Pre Algebra Notes for our Classroom Blog
Volunteer to take and add notes from our class to our PRE ALGEBRA CLASSROOM BLOG. Be a consistent contributor to our classroom blog throughout the semester and earn EXTRA CREDIT. Let me know if you are interested.


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