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If you are absent, make sure to obtain our class notes from a fellow student. Leave enough room in your spiral notebook to add those class notes missed because of your absence.
Always glue-in important papers the day they are handed out-- they won't get lost that way!! (Use a glue stick; it works better than other glues)
Make sure to number the pages in your Spiral Notebook. Number both the front and back sides of pages-- just like a regular book. You may use more sheets for your notes than others so make sure your page numbers tie into your own table of contents. I have not numbered the pages here because I do not want you copying my page numbers-- yours probably are different. If you need help with the numbering of your pages, make sure to see me before or after school!!
Suggestion: Put your Spiral Notebook in a Ziploc bag for protection against an accidental spill in your backpack


To find notes from our classroom:
Come in & Borrow the Class Set or ask a friend or
click on the link below
Table of Contents

Content/ Section Title and Number
8/26 Bloom's Taxonomy
  Spiral Notebook Requirements
  Homework Requirements
  8 Mathematical Practices
  Test Corrections Requirements
8/29 Factors and Multiples 1-1  
8/29 Ratios 1-2  
9/9 Rates 1-3  
9/12 Ratios Tables 1-4  
9/16 Graph Ratio Tables 1-5  
9/18 Equivalent Ratios 1-6  
10/01 Adding & Subtracting Decimals 3-1  
10/03 Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers 3-3  
10/04 Multiplying Decimals by Decimals 3-4  
10/10 Inquiry Lab- Mult by Powers of Ten  
10/11 Divide Multi-digit Numbers 3- 5  
10/ M  
10/ M  

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