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Extra Credit wil be in the form of a Project... look for it during the year

The Following does not apply this year!

Welcome to WONDERFUL EXTRA CREDIT. There are several ways to earn extra credit for Math 6H.

I. Multiple Choice Questions
Unfortunately-- this does not exist any longer...Click on the link below to go to my adjunct website. There, click on Math 6H Extra Credit Answer the 5 multiple choice questions, submitting them with your email address. I will tally up the results and post how many points you have earned toward your extra credit. These questions will normally change weekly or biweekly, usually on Sunday night.

This link is coming- switching to Google Classroom or Google Forms this year
II. Math Forum Problem of the Month
Although Math Forum calls these the Problem of the Week... We are calling them the Problem of the Month. Starting in October, check here for the POM
You will find the first Math Forum POM on Google Classroom : (coming in October)
October POM: Cracking the Code

These were some of the ones we did last year
Counting Cats & Dogs
Counting Chicken Wings
Worlds Largest Popcorn Ball


III. Math 6H Extra Credit CAASPP
we are not doing this as Extra Credit this year... We are all doing the print out copy. If you have troubling printing it, please see me.
This is good practice, however: Math 6H EXTRA CREDIT CAASPP (formally known as SBAC Quizzes) - earn 1.5% extra credit. Available only once this year-- right before the CAASPP ( formerly known as the SBAC TEST). You can reach the practice test at CAASPP Practice Site ... Please refer to the homework assignment given prior to Spring break. (Not in 2016--see the homework page for an additional copy of that assignment.)
... If you encounter difficulty or it logs you out, email me as well and I will try to fix it for you

This is new for this school year and is still under construction...more details as we get closer to taking the CAASPP . YOU MUST TAKE ALL OF THEM and RECEIVE 85% IN TOTAL to get the 1% EXTRA CREDIT DIRECTLY TO YOUR GRADE!! You must take screen shots of each question and submit as proof of completion!!

You must finish by the deadline of..(TBD). no extensions, no exceptions...



III. Math 6H Notes for our Classroom Blog
Volunteer to take and add notes from our class to our Math 6H CLASSROOM BLOG. Be a consistent contributor to our classroom blog throughout the semester and earn EXTRA CREDIT. Let me know if you are interested.


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